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The Merrimack County Department of Corrections (MCDOC) is excited to announce our participation in an important and exciting project with HERO PUPS of New Hampshire.

What is HERO PUPS?

HERO PUPS is a 501(c)3 charity that works to place veterans and first responders who are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and other service related challenges with an individually trained service pup. 

Whenever possible a shelter or rescue pup is utilized, this process provides our Heroes with the support they need while providing the puppy with a home.

What does this partnership entail?

As you can imagine the need is great and HERO PUPS is a volunteer organization who relies upon donations and volunteerism to keep moving forward. 

That’s where the staff of the Merrimack County Department of Corrections and our inmate participants come in. 

On January the 2nd, we welcomed the arrival of four puppies who will receive one-on-one training from our inmate participants in the basic dog commands and house training under the watchful eye of highly trained and experienced dog trainers from the HERO PUPS organization.

What makes this so exciting?

This is the first program of its kind in New Hampshire! 

Team MCDOC is excited to be partnering with HERO PUPS for such a great program.

What’s next?

The pups will reside here at the Merrimack County Department of Corrections for approximately four weeks during their training. 

Once training is completed, the HERO PUPS organization works to place the pups with appropriate Veterans and First Responders.

For more information regarding adoption, please contact HERO PUPS.

Through this partnership, team MCDOC is helping to better not only our programming participants but the Veterans and First Responders in need, while giving back to the community we serve.

For more information, please visit:  www.heropups.com


 Are you interested in donating to the HERO PUPS + Merrimack County Department of Corrections program?

 As a result of our partnership with HERO PUPS, MCDOC has received inquiries on how to donate to HERO PUPS program. 🐾

 To make a donation visit the Hero Pups website at https://www.heropups.com/ and click the “DONATE” tab in the top right corner of the web-page; to leave a donation for our program specifically make a note indicating “ DOC program donation”


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