Financial Documents

For a list of county projects supported through the use of ARPA funds, please see the ARPA menu below.

County Budget
The Merrimack County budget is the annual financial plan for the county. It reflects the issues, goals, and objectives of the county as a whole and filters down to each department’s goals and objectives for the fiscal year.

Quarterly Reviews
The county meets with the Executive Committee quarterly to review actuals compared to budgeted amounts. Quarterly reviews are provided to summarize financial statements and documents issued over the past three months.

Town Tax Apportionments
The county apportionment is based on the net tax commitment for the year, as voted by the county convention and certified by its chairman and clerk.

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ARPA1 document

  • Financial Overview
    document _recordid 130

Audited Financials3 documents

  • 2022 Audited Financials
    document _recordid 308
  • 2020 Audited Financials
    document _recordid 195
  • 2021 Audited Financials
    document _recordid 194

Budget5 documents

  • 2024 Budget PowerPoint
    document _recordid 364
  • 2023 Budget PowerPoint
    document _recordid 176

Budget Resolution3 documents

  • 2023
    document _recordid 199
  • 2022
    document _recordid 198
  • 2021
    document _recordid 197

Quarterly Review8 documents

  • 2023 - 4th Quarter Expenditure Report
    document _recordid 528
  • 2023 - 4th Quarter Revenue Report
    document _recordid 527
  • 2023 - 3rd Quarter Revenue Report
    document _recordid 481
  • 2023 - 3rd Quarter Expenditure Report
    document _recordid 480
  • 2023 - 2nd Quarter Revenue Report
    document _recordid 479
  • 2023 - 2nd Quarter Expenditure Report
    document _recordid 478
  • 2023 - 1st Quarter Expenditure Report
    document _recordid 251
  • 2023 - 1st Quarter Revenue Report
    document _recordid 250

Town Tax Apportionments3 documents

  • 2020 Apportionment
    document _recordid 193
  • 2021 Apportionment
    document _recordid 192
  • 2022 Apportionment
    document _recordid 171