Duties of the Treasurer

The Merrimack County Treasurer’s duty is to comply with Chapter 29 of the NH Statutes.  The county treasurer, as directed under RSA 29:1 is the custodian of "all moneys belonging to the county and shall pay out the same only upon orders of the commissioners."  The treasurer requests authorization from the county executive committee of the delegation for short and long-term borrowing to meet financial demands.  The treasurer issues the warrant to each of the town’s select boards their proportion of public taxes each year.  It would be impossible to accomplish this without the professional and efficient work of the finance team and professional consultants regarding borrowing and investments. Read more on the duties of the county treasurer...

Mary Heath


I have been a proud Salisbury resident since 1974.  My grandchildren are now fifth generation Heaths, to call this their hometown.  Service to the town included membership on various committees and as a selectman.

I retired in 2019 from Merrimack County after 45 years. During that tenure, opportunities led me from my first job with the nursing home as receptionist to my last as director of administrative services. Positions in-between included work at the department of corrections, the office of nursing services at the nursing home and secretary to the administrator of the nursing home.