Court Referral Coordinator

The Court Referral Coordinator (CRC) provides recommendations to the court and/or
parties in criminal cases regarding a defendant’s appropriateness and eligibility for
alternative programming to include specialty courts, diversion programs, pre-trial
supervision and other rehabilitation programs in order to promote defendants
rehabilitation and overall wellbeing while increasing public safety and reducing

The CRC will serve as the point of information for defendants, courts, prosecutors and
defense attorney’s regarding the availability of programming and services within
Merrimack County.

The CRC will evaluate defendants utilizing the ORAS assessment tool and other
pertinent information to include criminal history, substance use disorders and mental
illness. (Note the CRC is not doing a clinical assessment) the process will provide
information to determine the best possible programming or services to enhance the
defendant’s chances of rehabilitation and future recidivism.


Dawn Tonkin, Court Referral Coordinator
163 North Main Street, Suite 201
Concord, NH
603-226-1921 ext. 2115