($100 Program Fee)

Thinking for A Change
A group course focusing on decision making, social skills and the learning of problem solving
skills. Participants will learn and practice a step-by-step process and will explore the connection
between goals, influences and consequences in making decisions. Our goal is to empower youth
to make responsible choices.

Drug/Alcohol Education

Online education focusing on drug and alcohol prevention.

Firesetter Education

In partnership with the Fire Marshall’s Office to offer intake, assessment and one on one fire
setter intervention and education. This is scheduled on an as needed basis.


Online educational course about shoplifting and the impact it has on the community.

Vaping/Tobacco Education

In partnership with Breathe NH for an interactive group presentation. This is offered on a bi-
monthly basis.

Cyber Safety

In partnership with Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office and the ICAC (The National Internet Crimes
Against Children) taskforce to present cyber safety tips and prevention in a group setting. This
class is offered on a bi-monthly basis

Progressive Pathways

In partnership with NH Women’s Prison and their Progressive Pathways Program which allows
residents of the NH Department of Corrections the opportunity to speak to clients of the
Diversion Program about their incarceration and the choices that led them up to that point.
Typically scheduled on a monthly basis.