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Admission Policy

It is the policy of MCNH that Residents admitted to the Merrimack County Nursing Home should be residents of Merrimack County, however, out of county persons can be admitted when approved by the Administrator or the Board of Commissioners.

Policy Interpretation and Implementation

  1. Persons will not be refused based on their race, religion, age, sex, national origin, or disability.

Application Requirement

  1. All persons admitted should be on the specific order of a physician.  Medical information will be submitted on the 276 (A & B) Referral forms. All Medicaid applicants are reviewed by the Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services (BEAS) Nurse located at a State Office in Concord.  For applicants with mental illness and /or mental retardation, or developmental disability as either a primary or secondary diagnosis, there is an additional approval process at the State level. Prior to admission, the following Medical records are required:
    1. All recent hospital history and physicals including discharge summaries and consultations.
    2. If no discharge summary is available, a history and physical done within one (1) month must be submitted by the applicant’s primary physician prior to admission.
    3. Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) screenings and approvals are required to determine appropriate long-term placements for individuals with mental illness and/or mental retardation or developmental disabilities.
    4. All required tests and evaluations must be completed if recommended during the PASRR process

Required Mantoux Testing

  1. Within six (6) weeks prior to admission, all persons should have a Mantoux test for TB (Tuberculosis) and results will be documented.  If the Mantoux test is positive (+), a chest x-ray is required to be taken and a report will be submitted.  Exceptions may occur in special circumstances if approved by Infection Control Coordinator.

Non-discrimination on payor source

  1. Merrimack County does not discriminate based on payor source. Merrimack County accepts applicants who meet the Medicaid financial limits and for whom they can appropriately provide medical, psychosocial and mental health and rehabilitation services.

Emergency admissions

  1. Emergency admissions can occur with the permission of both the Medical Director and the Administrator, or their acting representatives.  In this case, all persons should be evaluated and referred by a physician or by an emergency room physician at a hospital.  The prospective resident or legal representative should be available to complete pertinent consent forms.
  1. All persons admitted should be informed and offered assistance regarding advance directives.  Durable Health Care Power of Attorney or Guardianship documents should be submitted with the application.

Visit and Review prior to admission

  1. Merrimack County Nursing Home reserves the right to have qualified personnel visit and review the prospective resident’s medical record prior to admission and to obtain insurance policy information so that insurance coverage can be verified by our billing office prior to admission. Upon completion of this review by Social Services, Nursing Services, the Medical Department and Administration, a decision will be made based on the resident’s needs and bed availability for placement here.  Merrimack County Nursing Home reserves the right to make necessary bed/unit changes based on medical necessity.

Background Checks

  1. Criminal Record background checks may be required for applicants requesting admission for long term care. These record checks are necessary to ensure the safety and well being of our residents.