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Nursing Home Rates

The current self-pay charges are $325.00 per day.  They are subject to review periodically by the Administrator and the Board of County Commissioners.  This charge includes room, board, nursing care, and all other services and materials routinely provided to residents of Merrimack County Nursing home.  Item not covered under the daily charge are pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, personal rehabilitation equipment, special therapies, Hair Care Center services, cable television and, if using a Nursing Home phone, the cost of out-of-state calls or, if they have their own phone, the full cost of that phone.  Financial arrangements should be made to cover these additional expenses, i.e. establish an account for monthly withdrawals or automatic payments made monthly.

Hospitalization, x-ray and laboratory services, dental services, ambulance service and other kinds of care not provided by Merrimack County Nursing home and its employees will be the responsibility of the self-pay resident.

Merrimack County Nursing home does not accept medications brought in by the resident/family (except in emergency situations and certain special vitamins as approved by the medical director).  MCNH is currently under contract with Pharmerica Pharmacy Services; however, we have adopted an “Outside Pharmacy Policy” and a “Notice of Intent to Purchase Medications from an Outside Provider.”  Further information may be obtained by contacting the Business Office.