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Levels of Supervision


Levels of Supervision

The Merrimack County Pretrial Services Program will interview all pretrial defendants detained in the County Department of Corrections, or elsewhere when extenuating circumstances may dictate. The interview is for the purpose of collecting data for verification to determine eligibility for release. There are however, defendants whose weak community ties, prior criminal history, or prior misconduct make them poor candidates for personal recognizance bail. These defendants may require some degree of supervision to lessen the risk of failure to appear in court or pretrial arrest.

Levels of supervision differ in the restrictions placed on the defendant and the degree which compliance to release conditions are monitored.

The levels of Supervision are as follows:

1.Conditional Release with Minimum Supervision: Defendants agree to comply with all court ordered conditions. Supervision should include daily contact by the defendant to monitor and insure knowledge of upcoming court dates.

2.Pretrial Monitoring: Defendant’s compliance with conditions is monitored and non-compliances reported to the court. Supervision should include curfews, with nightly telephone call check-ins and weekly office visits. The conditions of contact will be determined by Pretrial Services.

3.Supervised Pretrial Release: Conditions addressing a perceived risk to pretrial failure (such as drug treatment or monitoring for drug using defendants) are applied with regular contact requirements to include random urinalysis. Compliance is strictly monitored.

4.Electronic Monitoring: Electronic Home confinement is reserved for those defendants who are considered a “High Risk” for flight or compliance with other conditions. Alcohol consumption may also be monitored by this service if Sobrietor equipment is ordered by court.


  1. Maintain daily telephone contact with MCPTS in person or by telephone.
  1. Refrain from any use of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  1. Subject to a curfew to be determined by MCPTS.
  1. Submit to random urinalysis at the discretion of MCPTS.
  1. Execute consent forms for release of information and substance abuse records from the defendant’s MCPTS file.
  1. Attend all appointments, classes and meetings as directed by MCPTS.
  1. Submit to random 24-hour a day home visitation authority by MCPTS and/or search of their person or property.
    a.Consideration need be given when assigning defendants to MCPTS that reside outside Merrimack County that effective home visitation is difficult, if not impractical. Possible more office visits per week would be a suitable substitute.
  1. Must follow all recommendations resulting from LADC screening or Batterers Intervention/Anger Management screening.