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The sections below may clarify or interpret certain sections of Chapter 478, when the law allows, but do not supersede it.


478:4-a Form of Records.
I:(b) “In the first sentence of the first description paragraph, the names of all municipalities in which the property is located.”
Examples: Certain parcel(s) of land situated in Concord. Certain parcel(s) of land situated in Concord, Bow and Bradford.
I.(c) “printed or typewritten under the signature.”
When written, only ink signatures were contemplated. The signature shall be an original signature in permanent blue or black ink.
II. “suitable for reproduction.”
Only original documents with original signatures are allowed. This is defined as follows.
Original documents must be just that: no machine or fax copies are allowed.
Paper shall be American letter or legal sized, white, non-transparent, without watermark.
Printing must be on one side of the page only.
The first-page top margin must have 3 inches of clear space on the top to allow for docket markings. All other margins must be a minimum of one inch.
Print shall be clear and legible, black, and of a clear print font size at least Times New Roman 11. No highlighting is allowed.
Signatures shall be original signatures executed in dark blue or black ink.
Notary seals shall be pressed firmly and clearly; Justice and Notary expirations must be printed clearly in black ink. The name of the Justice must be printed legibly or typed under the signature.
Stamps and seals must not obscure pertinent information, however a stamp may cover a signature.
Other than ribbons, no foreign object may be attached or glued to pages. No continuous forms or bound sheets.
A certified copy MAY be accepted at the register’s discretion when the original document is on record in another government office.


Registry filing requirements for plans are found in RSA 478:1-a.

II. “Each register shall specify adequate space, on the plat, for recording the registry plan number and recording information.”
We require an area no smaller than 7” long and 1” wide in the upper left-hand corner, inside any border.
IV. “The material composition of the plats shall be suitable for electronic scanning and archiving by the register of deeds.”
We require the following:
1. Original (Mylar) or photographic (Washoff) mylar or Inkjet reproductions are acceptable.
2. The plan must be drawn with permanent black ink.
3. The plan must have original signatures in permanent black ink.

Plans and Plats are subject to other NH RSA regulations, as follows:

676:18 Register of Deeds. –
I. A register of deeds who files or records a plat of a subdivision without the approval of a planning board shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.