Central NH Special Operations Continued...

The CNHSOU was formed in 2002 to give area police departments additional resources which would be available to them in an emergency situation. The SOU responds to hostage rescue situations, high risk warrant services, and heavily armed suspects. The CNHSOU is also available for crowd control, dignitary protection, and can assist with the search for missing or wanted persons. The team offers a wide variety of resources including intelligence officers, investigators, hostage negotiators, specialized equipment, and armored vehicles. Each team activation is done in accordance with a risk matrix and established policies. When the team responds, an incident command system is set up as outlined in the National Response Plan. The Command Staff and Executive Board are available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Membership and involvement has proven to be a significant retention advantage to the member communities. The skills learned by the team members are brought back and shared throughout departments.

Team members serve in the following positions:

  • Tactical Operator
  • Crisis Negotiator
  • Sniper
  • Drone Pilot
  • Medic
  • Tactical Dispatcher
  • Public Information Officer
  • Executive Board Member

Equipment Available to CNHSOU:

  • Two Incident Command Trucks
  • Dedicated Ambulance
  • Drones (2)
  • Armored Personnel Carrier (Unarmed)
  • Equipment truck

Commitments from your community:

  • Pay, benefits, and OT for officer during training and activations
  • Annual dues, currently at $3,500 if no officer is provided, $3,000 if
  • an officer joins the team

Commitments from your officer:

  • Attend basic training, held in March in NH for Operators and held
  • a number of times a year in New England for Negotiators
  • Participate in monthly training for their particular role
  • Future leadership opportunities are available
  • Once a member is nominated by their agency head, interviewed, and brought on the team, all equipment, uniforms, and training is paid for by the CNHSOU.
  • When the call is made and the CNHSOU responds, a member community pays nothing more. At your service will be over 30 officers and millions of dollars in equipment. In addition, you retain local control of the event and the response.

CNHSOU is a member of the National, NH, and NY Tactical Officers Association