Commissary Service

Inmates may purchase commissary provided they have available funds in their inmate account.  Orders will be placed through the kiosk.  Purchasing limits are specific to the inmate’s classification or housing assignment, with housing assignment taking priority.  Inmates on restriction will have limited ability to order commissary.  Hygiene and paper kits are available through commissary for inmates with no available funds.  Commissary limits are as follows:

  • Minimum (A/B/F/H/I/J/K/L/M Unit)       $50.00
  • Medium (F/G Unit)                                  $40.00
  • Maximum (C/D/E/F Unit)                         $30.00

Orders are processed Tuesday mornings at 8:00 a.m. and are delivered on Friday.  Inmates will be notified if an exception is to apply.  Orders placed after this time will not be processed.  Ordering, delivery, and pricing of items are subject to change at any time.  Inmates released before receiving a previously placed commissary order will have fifteen (15) days to pick up the order.   

Inmate Account

To deposit funds into an inmate’s account, you may do so through any of the following:

  • Online – Web users can make deposits 24/7 at
  • Lobby Kiosk – The kiosk machine is located in the main lobby of the facility and is available 24/7.

Funds are credited to an inmate’s account in real time.  Deposits may be made through the Lobby kiosk using cash, credit or debit card.  A fee will be assessed at the time of deposit.  Fee amounts are based on amount deposited.  The depositor will receive a confirmation number upon successful completion of a deposit. Personal checks and money orders are not accepted.  If received in the mail, they will be returned to sender.

Upon release, funds remaining on an inmate’s account will be released back to the inmate via debit card.  If transferred to another facility, a check will be cut at the time of release and given to the transporting authority or mailed directly to the receiving facility.  


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