Juvenile Services Programs

Juvenile Services Programs
($50 Program Fee)

Challenge Course 

A 15-hour educational/self-assessment, community based early intervention program focusing on drug and alcohol misuse and other high risk behaviors.  Group setting


Drug/Alcohol Education 

Individualized education on substance misuse


Positive Decision Making 

A 4-6-hour course focusing on decision making processes.    Our primary goals include awareness of consequences and empowering responsible, educated decisions


Smokers Education 

A 5-hour educational/self-assessment program .  Group or individual


Anger Management 

A 5-10 hour program is offered in order to provide an understanding of emotions and angers affect on your body which helps to promote self-discipline, awareness and control.


Firesetter Program 

This 9-hour intervention program addresses the categories and motives of juvenile firesetting behavior to educate the family as well as the juvenile about the consequences.


Shoplifting Program 

A 6-hour class designed to educate youth caught shoplifting to understand the damage to themselves, family and community and insight into the legal consequences.  

Group or individual


Mind Matters  

A program that teaches research-based skills to help biuld resilience for those who may have experienced trauma.  It provides information on topics such as: self care, self-soothing, increasing self-awareness & strengthening relationships.


Cyber Safety 

This 8-hour program is ideal for grades 6-12. It includes resources from Common Sense Education’s Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum and aims to raise the youth’s awareness about the safe and responsible use of digital media.