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Covid-19 Information

Merrimack County will be updating this page as new information develops for the public and their employees as it relates to Covid-19.  Please check back frequently as information is always changing.

Websites available for updated information

Information and frequent updates about this evolving outbreak will be avialable at the DHHS webpage:


You may get current situation updates and technical guidance on the CDC’s website:




Public Notices from the Board of Commissioners and the Emergent Management Team:

Public Notice 3/16/2020

Public Notice 11/13/2020

Public Notice 3/24/2021

Public Notice 4/14/2021


 Information for Employees of Merrimack County

Memo to HealthTrust Medical Enrollees

HealthTrust Extends Cost Share

Merrimack County Emergent Protocol Revised for 2021

COVID19 Testing Sites

COVID19 Rapid Testing Sites