Mental Health Court




Merrimack County Department of Corrections

Mental Health Court

           The Mental Health Court was developed in order to provide sentencing alternatives to individuals with mental illness who are involved in criminal matters.  It is an intensive and comprehensive court program which integrates treatment into the resolution of the criminal case.  The fundamental principle of the program is that people who engage in criminal behavior due to their mental illness should undergo appropriate treatment in order to modify their behavior and achieve recovery.  Mental Health Court (MHC) holds its participants accountable for their behavior, provides them with support and assistance, and works collaboratively with service that providers for quality care of that individual.

For more information or to read the entire Mental Health Court brochure, click here: MHC Brochure


Mental Health Court Program Manager:

Dawn Tonkin, BS, LADC, LCS (603) 219-3037

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Information regarding Mental Health Court locations throughout the State of New Hampshire, as well as online links to participant handbooks, applications, and brochures can be found via the New Hampshire Circuit Court website, by clicking HERE.