Gerrish Manor - Assisted Living

Gerrish Manor welcomes you to our assisted living community, where we offer worry-free assisted living. Gerrish Manor offers quality assisted living care in a supportive environment focused on helping elders live full, active lives in a comfortable setting. Peace of mind is our goal for all who call Gerrish Manor their home. 

Our primary goal is to help motivate and enhance positive, trusting relationships with both residents and staff. Within our "home like" environment, we value the individuality of our residents. We are dedicated to the well being and quality of life of our residents. Our role is not to "do for" but to "assist with" each resident's individual needs. By emphasizing assistance, we will support independence and promote dignity for the residents at Gerrish Manor.

"Caring for seniors is perhaps the greatest responsibility we have.
Those who walked before us have given so much & made possible the life we all enjoy."
John Hoeven